AS-14: Take Charge!

29 September 2009

A day to do whatever I wanted? Oh my! So today, I thought about my passions, and I determined something… reading things I found on Google isn’t my passion. Sure, I looked at some cool web designs, gawked over near typography stuff, found a HUGE collection awesome new handwriting fonts (my favourite!), and checked out cool Photoshop techniques… but all it did was make me antsy. I’m a hands-on sort of person; looking at these websites made me long to play with techniques and create projects of my own.

So what did I do with the rest of my day? I let my inspiration fuel some really great work. Currently, I have three projects… putting the finishing touches on RantMedia.ca, getting involved in the creation of RantMedia.us (which I actually just got an email about yesterday, and am totally psyched for) through Jack at the CHiL Foundation, and working on a project for a website called Leather N Roses to redesign the entire site (the work on this can be found here). So I sent an email to Jack about RantMedia.us, I found out what needs to be finished on RantMedia.ca, and I threw up the first beta versions of Leather N Roses. I spent the day playing with fonts and colours, editing images and optimising them for the web, and creating beauty. I’ve written my alphabet so I can get my handwriting as a font and redesign my school website (which is now accessible via my domain, NeverHesitate.net). I’ve drawn sketches for an idea that I have for a cartoon-based web design that I plan to give away to anyone who wants it, provided that they leave my credit and it stays in my portfolio. I’ve chatted with people about Creative Commons vs. All Rights Reserved on (X)HTML and CSS (and the trouble with the idea of COPYRIGHTING such code), and I’ve played with some absolute-positioned layouts, something I’ve never done before. I got a lot done, and yet not so much. The day is nearly over for me, and yet I’ve just begun another fascinating journey.

Did I find my PASSION? (I love the all-caps formatting, guys.) Yes, I believe I did. My passion is DOING. My passion is experimenting, trying things for myself, doing pointless projects or signing up for web design work that will keep my days full and my mind always running at top speed. My passion is learning, discussing, searching, discovering, getting my hands (metaphorically and not) dirty and making messes just to clean them up. My passion is pouring my heart into my work, focusing too much on the details, working until my eyes won’t stay open, dreaming of web design when I finally have to sleep. My passion is dedicating my life to the pursuit of greater knowledge, more efficient code, more attractive graphics, more touching photographs. My passion is creating websites that drag you into their world and refuse to let you go, getting lost in a sea of CSS and (X)HTML, typing everything by hand so that I can design with my eyes closed. My passion is going outside and feeling my eyes focus in on colours, putting hex codes to nature, seeing design in everything and everything in design. My passion is smelling the flowers and seeing a webpage form before my very eyes; eating pork tenderloin and wondering if the colour of cooked pork would look as good with buttered baked potato on the screen as it does on my plate. My passion is doing more than letting the art consume me, it’s becoming it, living it, seeing it and hearing it and breathing it. My passion is diving into projects and swimming the seas of images and hex codes to find just the right ones for a project. My passion is never regretting, never forgetting, never stopping – in life, and in design.. in the perfection which is harmony of mind, spirit, and aesthetically pleasing yet rapidly loading graphics.

Did I find it on Google? Well… something like that. 🙂

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Design is happiness. ♥



One comment

  1. I must say, very inspirational words indeed!
    I immediately feel better about the day.
    I see the word in a much similar fashion.
    Perhaps you can help me capture the mixture of sky, leaf, and asphault that I reach for in my limited creativity. It is refreshing to see a creative mind that is hungry for creation.

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